7 New Years Resolution Ideas in Town Center

Posted on Jan 9, 2017

Each January, you’re given a chance to embrace a new experience, mindset or lifestyle change. This year, we’re giving you ideas for a successful New Years Resolution…that you can accomplish right in Eagleview Town Center!

1. Train for a 5K: If you never thought of yourself as a runner, this might be the year to change that. Each Spring & Fall, our Town Center hosts charity races that bring runners of all ages together. (Stay tuned for more details on these events). This year, prepare for your first 5K by taking advantage of Eagleview’s 10 miles of walking trails. Not sure where how to approach your first 5K? Learn how to Train for a 5K here.

2. Read More: There’s just something about picking up a “real” book and turning the pages that makes reading so special. Stop by Wellington Square Bookshop where you can browse the bestsellers of today and classics of yesterday. Need help choosing a genre? The bookshop’s friendly staff will be happy to point you in the right direction. Visit to see the staff’s latest picks that are available in the bookshop.

3. Create Peace of Mind: Are you up to date with your life, home and car insurance policies? Now’s a good time to revisit your plan. Reach out to local agent Geetu Mistry from Allstate Insurance in Eagleview Town Center to explore your options when it comes to protecting the things you love.

4. Try Something New: Some of the best ways to boost happiness is to experience new things and explore new places. Eagleview Town Center’s newest restaurants, Al Pastor & Bella Vista offer original Mexican and Italian authentic flavors. Start with the Crispy Octopus at Bella Vista, and pop over later to Al Pastor for a Mezcal Old Fashioned cocktail. Complete with big city flavor and style, you can count on a delicious meal in a vibrant and enjoyable setting. Learn more about Al Pastor & Bella Vista here, or make a reservation at either Al Pastor or Bella Vista today.

5. Reduce Stress: Did you know yoga promotes relaxation and can help reduce stress? If you’re a beginner to yoga or a seasoned vet, Blue Buddha has a wide range of classes available for your level. And don’t forget to “hang out” in the aerial yoga classes, where you will practice yoga and stretching on a soft fabric hammock, great for all levels. Book a yoga class today with Blue Buddha here.

6. Stay Active: A body in motion stays in motion. Try one of the most effective workouts possible in the shortest amount of time at Passion Cycles where you’ll get honking on Incumbent cycles. If you’re curious about the classes, try them for free! Right now, Passion Cycles is offering a 14 day free trial (good until January 10, 2017). Call 610-458-9792 today to sign up!

7. Take Time For You: If you’re feeling burned out from 2016, start the year off on a good note by relaxing and taking care of yourself. Book a relaxing afternoon at Gemini Hair Design Studio & Spa and enjoy pampering yourself with a pedicure, manicure or facial. Visit to book an appointment and more detailed information on all of their services.